All quilled items are made to order and may not look exactly as pictured! If you would like a design that is not in the Paypal dropdown, or are requesting something original, use our contact page to message Chedee. We can customize and personalize most anything you describe.

Each quilling card is 5.0 x 5.5 inches, and arrives with a decorative envelope box. 110# stock paper.


Which card?

Love heart #15 quilled card.

Love heart #4 quilled card.

Gardener quilled card. 

Black cat quilled card. You can get him with yellow belly and ears, or with all-black body.

Yellow flower birthday quilled card. You can have a custom message printed on any card.

Pointed flower quilled card. Choose another flower color by using our contact page.

Purple All-Purpose quilled card.

Swan love quilled card. 

Give away a Thanksgiving turkey quilled card this year! Can also be used by the Virginia Tech Hokie fans. 

Thanksgiving leaf quilling card.
Roanoke's Mill Mountain Star is featured on this greeting card.
Green Curl birthday card.
Wedding/Engagement. Q-027
-blank inside or ask for special greeting-

Each embossed card is 5.0 x 5.5 inches, and arrives with a white envelope. 110# stock paper.


Ballet heart birthday embossed card.
Love heart #5 embossed card.
Birthday debut embossed card. Request most any color you want.

Rectangular quilled box. Dimensions with lid: 5" length, 2" height, 3.5" depth.Use this for jewelry, trinkets, or any small objects. Q-440.

Circular quilled box. Dimensions: 3.5" diameter, 2" height for box, with lid 4". Q-409.